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THIS PUBLIC CHARITABLE TRUST With the Name and Style of GLOBAL PEACE TRUST is hereby dedicated to the World at large with the solemn affirmation that The WORLD CITIZENS as a whole shall wholly own and manage this fabulous institution that in the immediate future itself be destined to emerge as the very fountain of WORLD PEACE

Credibility Of The Institution

This Public Charitable Trust with the Name & Style of The GLOBAL PEACE TRUST virtually owned and managed by the World Citizens for all practical purposes shall enjoy unalloyed perpetual Credibility which fact itself shall be its most salient feature.


Mr. Asveng, Our Chairman has, by means of a rigorous and Scientific Study and Research extending over a period of 25 years, developed the Science of Peaceful Living based on life experience warranted by various sessions of Peace Parliaments which in the immediate future be inducted into the curriculum of a few Universities whereby the Science of Peaceful Living will find its way to the mind of the world at large.

Further, the GLOBAL PEACE TRUST shall also be bound to establish its own University chiefly for the promotion and preservation of world peace as such.

A Real Paradox

A closer study of the world affairs reveals the glaring fact that although a few sections of the world community enjoy remarkable financial stability, for reasons best known to them only they remain far away from a happy and peaceful life. Yet most among them are still seeking happiness and peace.

And it is a paradox that although well equipped with all scientific means for study and research no tangible result has been arrived at so far in spite of any scientific approach from any corner whatsoever.

An Enviable Feat

As a matter of fact, we seek peace in all quarters except our mind. Strangely enough, the so called mind is invariably connected with factors like physical and mental health, environments, family, neighborhood, economy, society, politics, spiritual affairs etc. So under the circumstances peace and happiness as sought out should be computed as the total amount of peace and happiness existing in each and every such factor

As such the Scientific Study and Research for the purpose of mitigating the hindrances and obstacles inherent in all the said factors retarding individual peace and happiness assumes relevancy and significance presently.


Our prime vision is that the total resources of the world does not vest in any person, body of persons, Nation and the like as a monopoly as it is bequeathed on all beings in the world for peaceful enjoyment thereof.

We are bound to find out, through a scientific study the way in which the total resources of the world could justly and properly be appropriated without upsetting the equilibrium position of the environments as well as of the World Peace.


To act for and on behalf of The Science of Peaceful Living and Natural Democracy.

To spread awareness of the above two institutions among the masses.

To elicit their responses in the form of views, comments, opinions, suggestions, observations, contentions and the like

To employ the response of the masses properly for the amendments and rectification of the Fundamental Principles of the Science of Peaceful Living as well as those of the Natural Democracy.

To ensure total and absolute Public Participation in the smooth functioning of the Global Peace Trust thereby enabling the World Citizens to enjoy the fruits of Peace and Happiness.

Natural Democracy

In order to form and maintain a Naturist Socialist Society and Nation by implementing its ideas, provisions, rules, regulations etc. a thorough Revolution in the social and political zones becomes imperative. Then only a peaceful and happy life for the World Citizens could be ensured. This system bringing about the new form of administration for affording absolute peace and happiness to the world at the large is known as Natural Democracy. By the term Revolution we mean a drastic change in the ideology and transfer of administration paving way to a reformation. Time and again we witnessed such changes caused by revolution. Most of these have been brought about by destructive means and bloodshed. As such we may tend to doubt as to whether or not the revolution as mentioned herein also is of the same nature. However the Scientific ideal behind this institution has adopted such a revolution that in all probabilities and possibilities rests upon non-violence as is envisaged by Mahatma Gandhi. Let us modestly submit here that through such a peaceful revolution designed to achieve absolute peace and happiness to the world at large will certainly yield fruits without employing any sort of destruction or bloodshed. And the most remarkable and salient feature of our dream project is nothing but the said goal.

Fundamentally, in this System of Natural Democracy there exists no imposition or Coercion on one’s ideas and convictions arbitrarily on another party who doesn’t agree to the same. Here it is possible to project the ideology that one entertains or advocates on one’s own supporters without injuring the feelings of others (life of others). The said system of government makes this possible and this is a credit to the system. In this case there arises no chance or opportunity to impose upon other non-willing parties any disagreeable ideas as such. Thus through Natural Democracy we envisage an opportunity by which without imposing anything on anybody we could live peacefully, honoring mutually and without hating each other. In this manner it is possible for us to live in perpetual peace and happiness in accordance with our own ideologies.

A Litmus Test

An actual area or place where everyone submits the ideals linked with the peaceful and happy life, may be termed as a Laboratory And this synthetic Laboratory shall also be termed as Natural Democracy. By submitting the individual ideologies to this Laboratory for a Litmus Test everyone will be gaining a fair judgment as to the utility and futility respectively of one’s own ideologies. And apart from this, we could live in accordance with our own individual ideologies tested in perfection.

Experience the Best Teacher

Under this system of Natural Democracy, we get a good opportunity to identify those ideologies that turn out to be wrong as also to drop them altogether and by the same token we get a good opportunity to win and keep good ideologies without any difficulty and that too without the help of any external force. Experience is the best teacher. Therefore, those who live by wrong ideals, when faced with inevitable side effects, automatically begin to think otherwise.

Eternal Peace and Happiness

Natural Democracy is not like other Democracies in which peace is the monopoly of the victor of course after the Revolution. This Democracy is one in which, after the revolution the very leaders who lead the Revolution, Participants in it as well as others who live in it miraculously turn out to live in eternal Peace and happiness. In other words, in this noble democracy not only the survivors of the Revolutionary Process but also the Revolutionary Process itself emerge successfully.

Propriety of Peace Parliaments

THE SYSTEM OF NATURAL DEMORACY – Literally the launching pad – inevitably rests on various sections of the community having the status of Peace Parliaments subject to the Law of the Land. No section of the community exists in this Universe that does not want its ideas and believes put in practice in a Democracy like the Natural Democracy that invariably warrants individual care, regard and recognition. Everybody acknowledges that differences of opinion and problems.